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@ 3:25 p.m.

An entry from work, something that doesn't really happen anymore. I reread some of the previous entries I wrote, boy are they filled with typos and thoughts that don't 100% make sense. I'm guessing I was high when I wrote all of them. To be honest, I haven't thought about diaryland at all these past many weeks. Usually, I will at least think about it, and sometimes I will come online and check other people's entries, even if I don't end up posting an entry myself. Even though I know diaryland has been dying all these years, I never thought that much about it, but it can't be a good sign if I don't even remember it. I think I'm still of the firm belief that diary writing is for people that have problems. It's not 100% true, but it's mostly true. Alas, it seems I'm out of problems. Or at the very least, I don't feel like I have big problems that I need to vent about. The problems I have are all problems I can solve. I just wonder if maybe this is actually signaling the end of diaryland for me.

We got two kittens about a week and half ago. They were from the same litter, about 2-3 months old. One is a male, orange tabby, with some white. I named him Polaris. The other is a black and white mix, female, and I named her Aurora. We're calling them Aris and Rory for short. They are both really cute, although Aris is sneezing a lot (but I'm giving him medicine), and that could be a sign that he's infected with a virus. They both got their first round of vaccines, but it's not complete until their second round. They can't have their second round until next week, but if Aris is still not 100% healthy then they can't have their shots... kind of a catch 22. I'm a little worried, but hopefully it'll be fine. I've never had cats before. They're a bit of work, but nothing too bad. If I ever get cats again, I'll probably get a young cat, one or two years old. It seems like kittens are a bit uncertain. That should've been obvious I guess...